Base Designs


Clash of Clans: TH15 Best Base Layouts 2023

3 Feb 2023

A good base layout is key to defending your village in Clash of Clans. Base layouts matter in both wars and for keeping your village safe. We have gathered top-quality base layouts for Town Hall 15 from different sources. 

Clash Of Clans: Town Hall 14 War Layouts (2022)

15 Oct 2022

A good war base is necessary to achieve the best results in war. I have created a list of war bases used in the recent Clash Championship. All of these layouts were tested by my clan in the recent Clan War League, and the results were fantastic.

Clash of Clans: TH8 War Base Design 2022 (Layout Link)

10 Aug 2022

TH8 War Base Design 2022

I have returned with a fresh war base design for TH8. The base produced good results in both war and farming. We'll talk about the layout and positioning of the defences on the base. Let's head to the review now. 

Clash Of Clans: TH14 Farming And War Base Design August 2022

29 Jul 2022

Town Hall 14 Farming and War Base 2022

The design shared above is trending these days. It can help in both farming and war. Eagle artillery and Town Hall are placed opposite to each other as recommended by most of the veterans. Air defenses are spread around the base to help defend air troops.